Dilution: process of converting a more concentrated solution into a less concentrated solution by adding additional solvent.


Dilutions are performed when a less concentrated solution is needed, particularly when using a premade or stock solution, such as a concentrated acid.

The following equation is used to solve dilution problems:

M1V1 = M2V2


M1 = molarity of first (stock) solution M2 = molarity of second (dilute) solution
V1 = volume of first solution V2 = volume of second (dilute) solution

Example: What is the molarity of a 200 mL solution made from 50 mL of 8M stock solution of HCl?


  • M1 = 8M
  • V1 = 50mL
  • M2 = ?
  • V2 = 200 mL


M1V1 = M2V2
(8M) (50mL) = (M2)(200mL)
2 M = M2

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