Stoichiometry: Proof Is in the (Rice) Pudding

Stoichiometry: Proof Is in the (Rice) Pudding


Bag of rice

Bag of seasoningRice

Deionized water

500 mL beaker

Glass stirring rod

Hot plate

Digital scale

Measuring cups ( 1/3 cup, 1/8  cup)

Cooking Instructions:

Measure the amount of rice, water, and season you are asked to use to cook the rice. Measure the ingredients in both measurement units as well as in grams. Record the values in your report.

  1. Add your rice, seasoning, and water into your beaker and place on a hot plate on “high” setting.
  2. Stir gradually with a glass stirring rod until all water has evaporated. Record what you observe as your rice’s consistency (sticky, crunchy, or just right).
  3. How does this result compare to the other groups?
  4. What do you think was the difference between the other groups? Who had the correct recipe? [Hint: we will reveal this together as well]


 Your Recipe:

Amounts Rice Seasoning Water Cooked Rice
Measured _____ cups _____ cups _____ cups _____ cups
Grams _____ g _____ g _____ g _____ g



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