Heat as Energy


Heat:  a form of energy based on temperature loss and gain (increase and decrease).

Heat, as form of energy, obeys the Law of Conservation of Energy (same as Law of Conservation of Mass), which states that energy is not simply lost or gained, but rather transferred or conserved.

This is based on temperature exchange between the system and the surroundings.

  •  System: where the reaction is taking place; example: beaker of boiling water
  • Surroundings: any area surrounding the system; example: area around the beaker (air, table, etc.)

Thermochemistry is the study of heat change in chemical reactions.

Other Forms of Energy…

  • Potential Energy: energy in the stored state based on an object’s position, location, or composition.
  •  Kinetic Energy: the energy associated with motion based on the object’s height, mass, and the force of gravity acting upon it.

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